April 24, 2014

My Dear

A speech:

Please don't fall in love with me
Fall in love with Allah first..
Because Allah create us
Why Allah create us?
Because He wanted us to prostration upon Him

He love all of us..
But we always forgot about Him
What a shame :(

Why my dear Allah, almost every day I confront with trials of life?

Because Allah love me..
Maybe sometimes we forgot Him
Because default by the world
This is the way to show a sign of love from Allah

Dear Allah, how loving you are!
I'm blind for that..
So regretful I am
I'm sorry.. :(

I do love you dear Allah.
I do love you Nabi Muhammad S.A.W.

Let's us selawat everyday my dear friends..
The world is coming to an end

Was salam


syakey said...

insyaAllah :))

farhana said...

syakey - amin :)

cimon said...

Waalaikumsaam. Chayo'X2!! ^^

md fikri said...

Cintai kepada yg selayaknya...cinta fitrah akan menyusul...:-)

fadhil radzuan said...

InsyaAllah..cinta Allah cinta yg hakiki..btw nice to know u fadillah..i'm fadhil.:)