July 30, 2012

Love Allah more because Allah create us.


What I wish is I hope I do not fall in love with someone guy before married. Yes, naturally we as a mankind will definitely fall in love with someone, yes or not we have to through it. We can't avoid from falling in love. But that's the fact.

Saya pernah jatuh cinta like other people, but sometimes I wondering if he is my right spouse or if he my real match?? That question is always meander in my mind. But until next year also I couldn't get that answer correctly. So I teringat kata-kata oleh seorang penceramah yang mengatakan, "Sekiranya kita nak tahu dia itu jodoh kita atau tidak, bila kita melihat dia kita akan merasa tenang"

Ok I took that as a reminder. Tak pernah berharap yang saya akan jatuh cinta dengan mana2 lelaki buat masa ni. Entahlah, takde feeling dan mungkin sekarang bukanlah masanya saya nak bercinta cinta. Maybe I busy to seeking for a love from Allah, there, is quite enough for me. Having Allah beside me and my lovely family is good enough.

I have a friend and he is quite good with me. He never took advantage on me. He go to pray and he have a wonderful smiling. Every time I saw his face, he make me feeling of pleasant. And because of that, I was fall in love with him. So eventually, I was too busy to fall in love with him until I forget a love from Allah. So, I took time to make this decision between our relationship.

So when the time is come, I took this kind of decision, I disconnect our relationship as a friend. Maybe he did not know that I like him very much. So because of that, I leave him without any message of goodbye. I was mean because I want to love Allah more. I know it's cruel, and orang cakap berdosa putus hubungan sesama muslim. But, i think lebih baik I putus hubungan dengan dia daripada terseksa suatu hari nanti. And now sampai sekarang tak bercakap dengan dia sejak dari tahun lepas.. sad for me =(

Suffer?? What kind of suffer did you mean? Let only Allah and me to know that one. Thanks for that. I had enough suffer from a men before this. So I will never let it happen again on me this time.

(credit this pic to pakarcinta)
Thank you and selamat berpuasa- :)


cimon said...

Selamat berpuasa!!!


p/s:doa banyak2 k. (^_~)

syakey said...

sama! exactly the same. ada experiance to be in love, and to be loved. then, bla dah kejar cinta Allah, which is hard and tough to make it as 100% loving Allah, trus jadi tak minat nak cinta orang lain.

its just, why we feel the need of other people (especially berlainan jantina) while Allah is always there for you.

tak perlu. bukan waktunya. waktunya akan datang jugak. so,just go with the flow, and have faith in Allah :)

farhana said...


Anonymous said...

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