July 12, 2011

Saya harus bersemangat tanpa bantuan sesiapa

u don't know me..so you better know me now..how my attitude and behavior. don't call me as your friend if you continuously treat me like hell( you bully me with your words). i hate the way your speaking to me, like you are the one who is always right in any issue. you never give me chance to talk what is exactly i'm going to state about my status at FB. you selfish exactly! and that's why i think i should deactivate my account FB right now before you want to do police report about our issue in FB and lodge our issue to police. i think this is serious and i don't think i'm safe in FB anymore. Thank you! Hopefully after I'm graduate, I don't want to see you anymore.


Da majuk nak bukak FB! Bluekk


syakey said...

tenang,jangan marah2.


cimon said...

sabar ek.

kalo xde acc FB pasnie pon-email & sms bertanya khabar dgn rakan2 pon oke jgak (^_~)hihihi

p/s:best tak ddk Kuantan? moga suksess dgn praktikalnya (^o^)hoX2

Nur Nabilah Nordin said...

cntek laa ~~~

farhana said...

syakey - heee okey

comin - ym jew..:p kuantan stakt ni bestla.. =)

nabilah - hee tq