December 9, 2010


Salam Maal Hijrah sebelum tu,

Ehem2 bermula hikayat cerita..
Sometimes I do feels hate even I don't want this feeling come to me.. But it naturally happen without my conscious.. I know sometimes it hard to think about it. Because my feeling right now is related to hating someone's behavior. He make me full with hatred about man. He is the one who make me feels that I don't want to believe with men anymore. I do feels that mans right now are playboy. They just want to take advantage on woman like me.

I know and I admit that sometimes I was blur.. But it doesn't mean that YOU CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE ON ME OKEY DUDE.

He makes me so resentful in my heart. I know it was meaningless if I think about it again and again.. But I can't avoided it from think it again.. I do always if I saw guys who keep their eyes on me, I will think.. "You Playboy, just want to make fun on girls like me.." Thus I pull my faces on them and never attracted to them even they are good in looking..

Dashing? Smart? Rich guy?

It will never attract me to like you. even you are son of Tan Sri and Dato' okey! Because it will not promise happiness in my life. I hate man with good looking but full with irreverent and also brainless.. It's mean man with playboy, not sincere and like to take advantage..

Text Colorperkara yang buatkan saya kurang benci adalah memikirkan emak saya

Ok that's all I can say here..Good Night


It's hard to find someone that is match with us


twinkle twinkle said...

betol2 xsuke mamat muke ok,,tp pangai,,xok langsung

EpoLღKunang2 said...

Eh, janganlah macam tu.
Belum jumpa yang betul-betul lagi,
insyaAllah nanti adalah tu.
Sabar.. ^^

cimon said...

aaa...kan cimon da cakap...ape2 hal yg mcm beratt sgat kat hati tu...lepas dgr mak bicara (jumpe mak lagi elok)...teruss hati akan rase legaa/sejukk je...hehehe (^v^)

p/s:sabar itu tanda kemenangan, right? hihihi (^_~)

p/s/s:profile Fana ade salah eja sikit (@_@)

farhana said...

twinkle - serupa :p

farhana said...

epol - tq la ;)

farhana said...

cimon - mmg pon byk kesalahn, sya mls nk btolkn.. yela sya buknnya pelajar TESL sya cuma pelajar nursing