April 3, 2010

My New Stuff

Hye there and Assalamualaikum for all my bloggers.. look what i have bought just now. I got some new stuff from here. Hehe just wanna show off. Pss sekali sekala.. Actually me and my family were just get back from the PC Fair, at Persada Johor Bahru. The avenue was full with cars, when I arrived there. By the way the PC Fair was started from 3rd until 5th April. Wow it was my luck today that my mom has agree to buy for me a Laptop bag, which the price has been reduced. From 39 ringgit to 35 ringgit. Hehe not bad laa.

Well this bag was quite similar with my friend who has bought it by-gone before me.

Other stuff that I've bought is... the laptop skin!!! Wow I love this skin so much.. After year by year I've been waiting for this and eventually.. Ehhe not bad, the price was quite cheap, only RM 9 for the Laptop skin.
green color can make me so pleasant.. =)

It was quite rushing before going to the PC Fair, because it is my last minute to go there. Hehe actually my father doesn't want to go there because that place was closely pressed. Like he said, "No space for breaths.."

Ok after this i might not always making a new entry, because after this I will facing with a lot of exam. 2 weeks more!!! Ok bye2 nak belajar Study2 yang penting.. Dadaa

Takde motif untk gambar ini..

Rinduilah gambar ini..

Dan ini...

ignore the pimple...

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BTW I love this new signature above here that I've just created it at here got it from my own lovely friend.. cik sophie


Cik Akma said...

waaa bgs2 beg laptop kaler hitam bagusss. x cepat kotor~ =)

btw, u looks so nice okay~
tc~ :)

naz said...

wahh cantik cantik :) termasuk u

ueki said...

nice n lawa serta chumil laptop skin n bang lappy 2

farhana said...

cik akma
mestila sis fv i itam juga hehe

farhana said...


farhana said...

tq tq

a1zudd1n said...

ad pc fair lg ke?smpi bile ni?

sophie said...

banyaknye beli brang!!cantik signature!

SIR ZUL said...

alololo cutenyerr...beg laptop tue..hoho

cimon said...

kalo pakai skin pd laptop tuh...

nanti time nak tanggal balik... (tetibe rs mcm nak tgk rupe ori)

tglkan kesan ke pd laptop tu? mcm kesan gam ke...???

Seo Ju Ken [Syah] said...

nice bag.. tp lgi nice kalau bgi kat sy.. kan? hahaha :DD

farhana said...

thnx =)

farhana said...

sir zul
haha mne boleh

farhana said...

xdela cimon x meningglkn kesn pon kt skin laptop

farhana said...

e'eh syaq lme gyler x dgr citr mu

Shafie said...

slm singgah..
wah beli beg laptop ngn skin ye. :)

hrp singgah ke blog sy jgk.
da link tp jrg2 mai komen.ehe :P

suke plak dgr lagu blog awk.
pe tajuk lagu ni ek.

紅燒魚takesi said...