August 29, 2013

The things tends to become stress

 Can you imagine, how difficult I've been through to become a nurse. Why You choose nurse? (alike small cloud appears above my head )  I've confronted many challenges, since my first time, which mean my first step into paediatric ward, I was super duber trembling. Cannot imagine what will I facing. A blood? No.. Doctor? That is the third.. What is the first one?

First one is, how long I'll handle my stress when working at here. Stress is necessarily influenced by the environment, my partner work. and the doctor. I believe everyone have their own stress when it come to work. In paediatric ward, the environement was so noisy! With the baby crying, with the family sekampung datang melawat pesakit. Walamak..You know! Bila dah sekampung datang, riuh rendah jadinya.

How about partner work? Esspecially, when working with fussy staff with noisy mouth. Everything must be perfect! Then sometimes use harsh word, and then scolded the junior when they do a mistake. Semua tu normal la buat aku, lagi-lagi bila first time masuk kerja. Asal ada silap, mesti nak tuduh junior yang buat. Already many times hit on me.

How about doctor? Heheh..sama jer, the doctor was a little bit  fierce. What's the main cause this doctor become too fierce? Hahaha I don't know.. Go ask your self to that doctor. Siapa tak stress kalau doktor nak marah2 nurse tak tentu pasal. Ye dok?

Eventually, thanks for reading. :)

(sorry for my bad grammar..) :p 

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cimon said...

Tahniah ek Fana!! Moga jd nurse yg baik, bijak dan rajin. ^^