December 18, 2012

My Convocation Diary

OK let's the picture talk about what happened on 17th Disember 2012..

 Firstly we are at the outside of the hall..
preparing ourselves

Then in the hall.. :D

heeee my big smile :D

On the way went back to JB, I took some Daim chocolate. Favourite Ku!

Everyone got their own flowers...

haha thanks adik.
And some video? Huhu

ok kalau nak tunggu diorang bercakap memang tak habis



Nia Ridzwan said...

yeay dah konvo!
alhamdulillah tahniah :)

cimon said...

Tahniah ~~!!! (^_^)

syakey said...

eh kenapa comel aje konvo pakai seragam mcm ni. hehe
tahniah! bestnya dah konvo. ;)

farhana said...

nia - happy jer =)
and alhamdulillah da selamat konvo

farhana said...

syakey - comel? haha baju seragam kiteorg mmg mcm gini. anyway thanks =)