December 24, 2011

A present for our special sister at Tawakkal

Picture credit to evelyn

We will miss you sister Ranjit. Before we end up our practical at TSH, we did gave you a surprise gift. Hopefully you will accept our gift with lots of love. hehe


cimon said...

pasnie smbg balik blajar d JB?

p/s:camne perasaan keja d KL? BEST? (^_~)

farhana said...

hee best giler. cimon ni x penh tnjuk mke..cbela tkar gmbr real puny ;p

cimon said...

hahaha...kalo letak pics betul...xcimon arr agi (^_~)hihihi

p/s:yg penting komen musti honest kan? (^v^)