July 21, 2011

Glucose level in my blood. What to do?

Okey the story begin with night shift..

Yesterday I'm working night shift. Night shift can be bored because I has no partner to chat. During all patient are asleep, while the staff nurse are doing their work. Busy writing report and prepare the medications for the patient. And every eleven, two and five o'clock we will do the observation like monitor vital sign including the Bp, pulse, temperature and taking RBS to check for glucose level in blood especially for diabetes patient. While I'm also busy myself by checking my own glucose level.

But the most apprehensive and fear thing to do in my life is prick needle in my finger. Wow! That was the most creepy thing that I'm afraid to do in my finger. Before prick the needle, I will think 5 times until I'll wasting my time to face with my fear. Thus, today I've motivated myself to face with my fear boldly and gonna get the wind up to out of the cocoon of its own.

Normal reading for glucose level is 4.0 until 8.0 But after checking my blood glucose level, the reading was about 7.3. What! It's almost going to level 8 and I'm already scare of it. But lucky, my reading was not more than 8. From now on, I need to do nutritional care and control my diet of sugar. Wow I'm scared to death when I knew my reading is 7.3. I should recall, before this what I'm eating and drinking in my diet everyday. Hmmm gonna check of it back.

But don't worry, I will watch my nutrition everyday. You too, must be careful of what you're eating and drinking everyday okey. Prevent your self from getting diabetes disease. It's too danger if you get diabetes. Because if only you get wound on your feet by cuts, your wound healing process will be delayed. Thus your feet will get infection easily and become swollen and purulent. So it is pain right if your wound doesn't heal faster. Or you can do health screen or medical check up at any hospital if you think for your health and to detect any disease that
unexpected by you.
aw cupake ini menggoda jiwaku. boleh makan manis-manisan, tapi jangan kerap sangat dalam satu hari. (gambar contoh saja). Satu hari jangan lebih dari 2 kali aw makan. kalau saya sekali jer makan dah cukup.
air gas la puncanya ramai kanak2 boleh senang dapat kencing manis selain makan chocolate dan jajan yang manis2 gitu.

Hurry up, if you think something wrong with your self go get some guidance and advice from consultant immediately. ^_^

(Psss sorry kalau ada broken english kat sini. Hentam sudaaaa)



e k i n . said...

Waaa, a nurse! Sesuai dengan muka cute you tuh. Heheh :D

azalia hjsalleh said...

kan akak nurse dh bg ceramah free ;)

farhana said...

ekin - tq2 :D

farhana said...

lia - wah u perli i ea..iyerla kt blog sendiri pun i boleh curahkn ilmu pengetahuan i sendiri..klo dah xde idea buatlah pasal entry nursing hehe

cimon said...

cik amoi...g arr borak2 dgn patient yg xboleyy tido tuh...especially yg 1st time masuk hospital...confirm mata depa terkebil2...nak adjust katil pon tak reti (^_~)hihihi

azalia hjsalleh said...


azalia hjsalleh said...

i x perli la syg oi. i suka bce. kita kan dlm mdt ;)
it's really important kita tahu semua bdg tugas nurse, doc, physio, ot & etc

farhana said...

hehe just kidding la lya

Anonymous said...

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