April 17, 2010

Sharing Is Caring

Hello blogger and my readers, A very Good Morning to all of you. Actually I want to share something about my new hobby. Macam tajuk kat atas.. Sharing is Caring. Now I'm became an addicted to love sticker! Haha my new hobby right now. Year ago I'm not that really addicted to the stickers, but when I saw my friends put her sticker on her laptop skin, it had attracted me to do it so. Macam kreatif plak.. Especially love shape. Memang cute!! Aku suka benda2 yang cute.

Time kasih kepada Thira yang telah membantu aku untuk menampal sticker2 ini kat hostel. Hahaha.. p/ss nasib baik dia pandai menampal.

By the way, next week is my examination day, before I will going to my clinical posting. Nampak gaya kene rebut cari pesakit lagi, nak dapat markah kan punya pasal. But the most important thing is help peoples with sincere heart. As a future nurse, i will help people as much as i can do. InsyaALLAH..